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How to write argumentative essay
How to write argumentative essay

The argumentative essay is a specific type of paperwork that requires the writer to select a topic, research and analyze evidence, propose a disputable point of view, and prove it. Unlike some other types of articles, like the descriptive, narrative, or informative essay, the argumentative one must have a strong evidence base and can require empirical study, such as experiments, induction, deduction, observations, testing, or interviews. Meanwhile, this type of paper has the similar structure to other ones and includes the intro, body section, and summary. Let’s how you should write it.

● The introduction. This paragraph has to include the hook sentence and the strong thesis statement. The first one attracts attention, and the second one describes the concept and your stance. Furthermore, you can include background information, such as history or some context, to help audience to understand the issue.

● The body. This section includes several paragraphs. Each of them reveals one supportive idea and provides the necessary evidence to prove it. Furthermore, it ought to have a clear transition to the following block of information.

● The conclusion. It summarizes all ideas and reinforce them. In addition, you ought to restate your thesis and provide ideas for further researches.

As one may note, it is not hard to create the argumentative essay. All you need is to follow the mentioned structure. Meanwhile, when you don’t have opportunity to it by yourself, you can use our professional help for proofreading. Contact us for more details.